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Morningside Same Day Fridge Repairs

Refrigeration repair Specialist

Do you require prompt and cost-effective fridge freezer repair in Leeds? Is your freezer malfunctioning? Are you concerned that food may go to waste? Fridge Oven Solutions can help you have your appliance up and running again in no time! Our fridge freezer repair service is dependable in Leeds and the nearby areas, and our professionals are never far away. If at all feasible, we will reach out to you the same or following day. Our team of repair specialists can usually address most frequent defects on their first visit because they carry parts in their vans. If you need more parts, our centralized customer service team can assist you in finding them at the greatest trade price. Because of our long-standing supplier ties, we can obtain parts quickly and at a discount, which we always pass on to our consumers.

Refrigeration Maintenance and Service

When you pick Fridge & Oven Solutions for maintenance and service contracts, our skilled staff gets to work making sure your refrigeration is always efficient and long-lasting. Failure to maintain refrigeration equipment results in premature failure. The expenses of lost product and equipment maintenance and replacement, as well as company interruptions, may be crippling. On a regular basis, we examine and repair your refrigeration equipment. Businesses that plan regular maintenance and inspections for their equipment save time and money. Because their equipment is constantly running effectively, their total energy expenses are reduced. Our proposal is straightforward: In Morningside and Gallo Manor, we provide the best refrigerator maintenance and servicing.

Is your fridge giving you these problems? Not cold or not freezing? Too cold or freezing food? Not defrosting? No power or tripping the power? Noisy or beeping? No light? Dont wait any longer call to book now!


Is your oven giving you headaches? Not heating or overheating? No power or tripping the power? Fans not working? Noisy? Broken glass or handles? Door hinge not closing? Dont wait any longer call to book now!


The following can be a huge pain,No power or tripping the power? Drum not turning, not spinning? Not draining or filling? Leaking water, not heating? Door not closing? Black spots or grease on clothes? its time for you to call us



an appointment

MANY FRIDGES CAN BE FIXED ON THE SPOT! If any of these sound familiar you need some quick repairs...

  • Broken door seals
  • Food spoilage
  • Freezer not freezing
  • Stove not keeping your food cold enough
  • Stove or Freezer icing up
  • Noisy, Rattly humming noises

  • Call us or book online today for friendly advice, prompt fridge repair service, and information on the most popular makes and models in store. Our fridge technicians work across Morningside meaning we travel to you and saving the you hassle of transporting your fridge.

    Appliance Repairs Morningside Enquiry Or Call Us: 061 025 8002

    Dishwasher repair? Washing machine repairs in Morningside? We can help

    Our electrical appliance repairs team carry hundreds of commonly replaced parts in their service vehicles. This is to ensure that in as many cases as possible, your electrical appliance repairs can be carried out on the first visit providing our customers with prompt, efficient repairs.

    What if you don't have the spare part required to fix my appliance? Can you order in spare parts for the appliance repairs?

    Yes, some cases we may not have the specialist part required and our team will order it in specifically for your appliance. Prior to ordering in parts, we'll always provide you with a repair quote so you have all the information you need to decide if you want to go ahead with the repairs.

    What types of appliance repairs can we carry out?

    We can help with the following types of appliance repairs:

    • Air conditioners
    • Washing machines
    • Clothes dryers
    • Cooktops
    • Dishwashers
    • Dryers
    • Electric stoves
    • Hand dryer replacements
    • Oven repairs
    • Combination washer/dryer repairs and installations


      Fridge repairs Hartbeespoort
      Roodepoort fridge repairs
      Fridge repairs Factoria
      Fridge repairs Kenmare
      Fridge repairs Noordheuweil
      Fridge repairs Silverfields
      Fridge repairs Roodekraans
      Fridge repairs Wentworth
      Fridge repairs Helderkruin
      Fridge repairs Krugersdorp
      Fridge repairs Morningside
      Fridge repairs Northgate
      Fridge repairs Radiokop
      Fridge repairs Quellerie Park
      Fridge repairs Green Hills

    Areas We service Fridges

  • Morningside
  • Helderkruin
  • Krugersdorp
  • Morningside
  • Sunninghill
  • We are your trusted and expert in all makes of household appliance repairs in Morningside areas for; washing machines, dishwashers repair, stove and ovens repair, fridge repair, tumble dryers repair, freezer repairs and more!

    Looking for appliance repairs in Morningside

      • By having our team of Service Technicians on the road means we can attend to your repair quickly- we even offer same day appliance repair in Morningside. Our dedicated technicians are expert in repairing all makes and models of appliances throughout Morningside and surrounding areas. Our technicians has over ten years of experience and are committed to providing excellent domestic and commercial appliance repairs. No matter the problem with your appliance, you can rest assured that Fridge repairs Repairs will handle it with prompt professionalism. All of our spare parts are genuine and are obtained directly from manufacturers to ensure we deliver the highest level of service to you. We offer a six month guarantee on all our repairs so you can rest assured in the knowledge that if the same fault re-occurs soon after, you’re covered!
      • Morningside Stove Repairs
      • Morningside Stove Repairs
      • Morningside Freezer Repairs
      • Morningside Oven Repairs
      • Morningside Dishwasher Repairs
      • Morningside Tumble Dryer Repairs
      • ...and many more

    Types Of Friges We Repair

    • Single Door Fridge
    • Double Door Fridges
    • Top Mount Fridges
    • Side By Side Fridges
    • Bottom Fridge Mounts

    Common Fridge Problems

    • Worn Electrical Wiring
    • Door Gaskets Not Sealing Properly
    • Malfunctioning Control Modules
    • Problems With the Defrost Heater
    • Inaccurate Thermostat
    • and much more

    Fridge repairs Repairs are a Warranty Service company for most brands or Repair Specialists for the following Dishwasher brands in and around Morningside:

      • AEG, Andico, Ariston, Asko, Bosch, Chef, Conia, Daewoo, Delonghi, Dishlex, Electrolux, Euromaid, Fisher & Paykel, Frankie, Gaf, GE, Haier, Hoover, IAG, Ilve, Kelvinator, Kleenmaid, Lemair, LG, Madera, Miele, Omega, Pacific Gorenje, Samsung, Simpson, Smeg, Westinghouse, Whirlpool

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Refrigerator Is Constantly Cycling Or Running

    One of the most common refrigerator problems is a unit that cycles, or runs, too frequently. Your refrigerator needs to run in order to maintain cool temperatures for food, and a refrigerator that constantly runs can be very noisy. Even worse, it will significantly increase your energy bill, as the refrigerator is one of the most power-intensive appliances in any home.

    The most common cause of a refrigerator running too much is buildup of dust or other kitchen debris around the unit’s condenser coils. To check this, you should cut power to your refrigerator and access the coils, which are commonly on the bottom of the unit.

    If the problem persists after cleaning, your refrigerator’s temperature may be set too low, causing it to run constantly to maintain a very low temperature. Try adjusting your refrigerator’s temperature to see if this impacts the cycling. Consider consulting a professional refrigerator repairman if problems persist

    2. Refrigerator Leaks Water

    Water leakage is a common but alarming refrigerator problem. This issue is often caused by a blocked defrost drain, or a clogged or frozen water supply line.

    Your unit’s defrost drain can be blocked by food particles or other debris, and is typically accessible from inside your freezer. You can try to flush the drain from inside the freezer using warm water, though you may need to remove debris manually. Locate the defrost drain hose on the back of your refrigerator, and clean it with hot water and soap to remove any clogged debris.

    Should you suspect your refrigerator’s water supply line is clogged or frozen, you should unplug the appliance and make sure its shut-off valve is closed. From there, examine the water supply line to see if there are any breaks or tears. If so, the line should be replaced. If you notice a clog that does not appear to be ice, consult with a refrigerator repair professional.

    3. Ice Buildup In Your Freezer

    Your refrigerator’s freezer is the perfect storage space for ice, but it shouldn’t contain significant ice buildup.

    Leaving the freezer open for too long could cause ice buildup, as this raises the humidity level inside the freezer. Be sure to close your freezer door when you’ve finished accessing the unit to ensure humidity levels do not rise too much. Your freezer may also have a faulty seal, which lets in outside air to raise humidity. You can replace your freezer’s seal to ensure it holds the proper temperatures and humidity levels.

    Enlist assistance from a professional refrigerator repair service if these solutions do not solve your problem.

    4. Refrigerator Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work

    Many modern refrigerators feature a built-in water dispenser, providing your home with cold and fresh water with ease. Your unit’s water dispenser may not work for a variety of reasons.

    The water tub in your unit’s freezer door may be frozen, blocking fresh water from flowing through the dispenser. Luckily, this tub can be disconnected and thawed, allowing water to flow once again. You may also have a defective water inlet valve. The water inlet valve opens to supply the dispenser with water, but may be broken. You may also have low water pressure, meaning that water is not being pushed through the inlet valve for the dispenser. If you have difficulty solving this issue, consider contacting a professional refrigerator repair technician.

    5. Refrigerator Is Warm

    Refrigerators are designed to stay cold, making excessive heat from your unit particularly alarming. If you notice your refrigerator is warm, you’ll definitely need to complete repairs fast.

    A warm refrigerator is likely caused by problems with its condenser coils. You can start by cleaning the refrigerator’s condenser coils, while also checking the condenser fan motor to ensure it is running properly. This problem can be particularly difficult to solve, and often requires professional refrigerator repair services to fix.

    6. Refrigerator Is Too Noisy

    The refrigerator should operate at a volume that does not intrude on your daily life. If your refrigerator seems particularly noisy, you probably have a problem with one of its fans.

    Most common refrigerators feature both a condenser fan and an evaporator fan. The condenser fan cools your unit’s condenser coil. Meanwhile, the evaporator fan pulls air over the freezer’s evaporator coils while the compressor is running. These fans run at the same time, and issues with either one of their motors can make your refrigerator significantly louder. You can inspect these fans to see if their motors appear to be broken, just be sure to unplug your refrigerator before inspection.

    We also carry out maintenance on appliances:

      • Dishwasher Maintenance
      • Fisher & Paykel

    We also supply and install new and replacement appliances:

      • Fridges
      • Dryers
      • Washing Machines
      • Dishwashers
      • Stoves
      • Air Conditioner
      • Fisher & Paykel Specialists

    Areas wer are Service

    Paulshof, Morningside, Bryanston, Woodmead and Sunninghill.

    Morningside Appliance Brands

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